What To Expect

Welcome to Pilates Mind Body Spirit Studio

Thank you for choosing P.M.B.S Studio - Welcome to our studio, we offer superior personalized Hot Pilates and Non-Hot Pilates workouts.  Understanding what our clients need to help them achieve their individual fitness and health goals. Our athletic modernized Pilates approach that ranges from our variety of classes from both Hot and Non-Hot Pilates Reformer and Mat, Barre Fusion, Stretch, Sculpt Classes, and more.

We specialize in - Hot Pilates Reformer and Mat group classes as well as non-hot Pilates Reformer and Mat group classes and other Fusion type classes (e.g., Sculpt, Sweat, and Stretch. In addition, we PMBS offers Private Pilates Training Sessions. 

What to bring - Water Bottle,  Mat,  Mat Towel, Towel, and Grip Sox (ToeSox, Tavi Noir, & etc)

Upon Arrival - Please arrive 10 minutes early prior to class to ensure parking, and checking in. Please don't arrive late to class as it is a distraction to instructor and other students of the class. We have a strick 5 minute late policy and you will be turned away as it is a liability to you and your instructor.

Our Team - Our Certified Instructors are comprehensively trained and offer multiple specialities ranging from rehabilitation to athletic sports performance training. In other words, we can modify any exercise if needed and can increase the challenge for all those superheros out there.

Our Mission – Uniting Mind, Body, and Spirit through our passion and love for Pilates. We cherish our Community-driven culture and offer suitable and affordable options that works best with your schedule. We commit to our community by giving them the most out of their workouts by challenging them; in addition, to sustaining the quality and fun of their work out. 

Company policies – Any physical limitations, pregnancies or injuries must be cleared by your doctor before attending class/privates. Late cancel policy and no shows will result in late fee charge. 

We want to THANK YOU for joining our Pilates Mind Body Spirit community and are UNBELIEVABLY excited to transform your work out goals into reality. 

See you in the Studio! (:


Class Descriptions

Pilates Mat Foundational


P.M.B.S Foundational Pilates Class instills the movement of Contrology "Art of Control" created by the phenomenal Joseph Pilates. 

  • Focuses on: Connecting your mind and body by the correct breathing, proprioception, postural alignment, and positioning. 
  • What to expect: Intuitive connection of Increased flexibility, core strength, coordination, weight management, and enhanced cognition.
  • For Everyone.

Barre-ilates Superheros


P.M.B.S Pilates and Barre Superhero's Class integrates the principals of Pilates while infusing Barre into the mix.

  • Focuses on: Increases length, toning, body conditioning, and enhances long lean muscle.
  • What to expect: An upbeat and challenging work out that lengthens, tones, improves proprioception, and body conditioning.
  • For intermediate - advanced Pilates Superheros.

Pilates Reformer Cardio


P.M.B.S Pilates Reformer Cardio Class  intertwines FIIT (Functional Interval Intensity Training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training - creating a PIIT style Pilates conditioning class. 

  • Focuses on: Incorporating Pilates principles to improve cardiovascular health, sculpting, agility, sports performance, and weight loss.
  • What to expect: An energetic cardio driven based work out that'll increase functional and high intensity interval training by challenging your entire physical system. 
  • For advanced Pilates practitioners or  able bodies.

Pilates Accelerated (coming soon)


P.M.B.S Pilates Accelerated Class focuses on advancing and deepening your Pilates practice by connecting, housing, and controlling your mind-body increasing strength, stability, flexibility, trust, confidence, proprioception, awareness, and sports performance. 

  • Focuses on: Expanding on your Pilates principles while giving you an athletic approach to Pilates Advanced skills.
  • What to expect: An advanced workout that increases your stability, strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, and overall sports performance. 
  • For advanced Pilates practitioners.

Pilates Stretch


P.M.B.S Pilates Stretch Class centers your mind, body, and spirit by connecting you with yourself. Invigorating your mind and body by self-love and admiration.

  • Focuses on: Increasing flexibility, stretching, muscle relaxation, deepening self-love and gratitude, mental clarity, and increasing body awareness. 
  • What to expect: A peaceful and loving environment giving your body self love while quieting the mind. Hands on stretches increasing flexibility
  • For Everyone.